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Episode #10: The truth about things that suck with Mindy Henderson

Meet Mindy Henderson, a powerhouse female entrepreneur and motivational speaker! This week I had the privilege of sitting down with her for a SUPER inspiring conversation about all things life, success, bumps in the road, and how life so perfectly whispers to us. She is a true embodiment of strength and optimism. She shares how being in a wheelchair helped her find her flow and purpose in life. It’s incredibly inspiring! Mindy is the host of her own podcast called “The Truth About Things That Suck” and has just signed a book deal under the same title!

Do not miss this interview. It is packed with SO MUCH wisdom.

Mindy Henderson is a Motivational Speaker, Writer, Coach, Host of “The Truth About Things That Suck” podcast, Guest contributor of “Morning Motivation” on CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin” lifestyle morning show AND was just named an “Austin Woman to Watch” the May issue of Austin Woman Magazine’s annual “Women to Watch” issue.

After a 20-year career in high-tech, Mindy shifted her focus toward helping others realize their potential and normalizing disability. Driven to build a world that welcomes and includes EVERYONE, Mindy advocates for universal design in air travel, architecture and fashion.

Her upcoming book intertwines a variety of women’s stories of navigating adversity well with Mindy’s own personal stories of learning to travel hard roads.

Mindy helps others see how to live more productively and positively. Her mission is to inspire people to understand that when they take responsibility, stop making excuses and OWN their adversity, they become stronger people and true potential is revealed.

    “Everything is better when you share it” – Oprah

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