Intuitive Business & Leadership Adviser

Facilitating Growth, Flow, and Transformation for Heart-Centered, Impact Driven Business Leaders

Dive deep below the surface of what you know and into the expansive possibilities of what is really available to you.

Jennifer Jane Young

Jennifer Jane Young is an Intuitive Business and Leadership Advisor for entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives. She is also a United Nations Consultant, leading and mentoring a community of 4,000 global business owners, in partnership with the International Trade Centre in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Having spent 12+ years advising startups to six and seven figure businesses worldwide, Jennifer specializes in helping entrepreneurs

  • Step into growth with clarity, courage and ease
  • Unlock flow & transformation
  • Create high-level impact through opening new doorways to intuitive, aligned solutions.

This has led her clients to life-changing breakthroughs, fruitful business opportunities and deep personal transformation. Jennifer creates a supportive environment for her clients to open up and do the kind of self-inquiry and reflexion that allows them to grow into their next level! 

With a background in Yogatherapy, Jennifer’s signature approach places importance on both healing and growth within the context of business growth and impact; she believes that intuition paired with practical action holds the key to uncovering hidden potential, blind spots, and expansive new possibilities. Her clients are visionaries with big hearts and passionate dreams, who care deeply about creating positive impact in the world through entrepreneurship. 

An advocate for women’s empowerment and animal rescue work, Jenn is an adoptive mother to two rescue dogs, and splits her time between Canada and Mexico. Her podcast Finding your Flow, debuted in 2021. 

Hi there! I’m Jenn. I help entrepreneurs intuitively lead & live their most aligned & expansive life.

My work is guided by intuition and anchored in practicality! Like an elegantly knitted pattern, I am a key thread woven into the ecosystem of your business. Merging my strong intuitive right brain with my highly practical left brain, I’m an asset to your growth and a solid partner in your success! 

Working Together



Intuitive Business Forecasting

For entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and change-makers to look ahead and move into their most aligned next steps to feel magnificent, experience growth, transformation & success!

We will be looking ahead at the next 3 months to uncover:

  • What are you being invited to step into
  • What are you being invite to let go of
  • What transformation and growth awaits for you to expand and receive more
  • What practical steps, actions, decisions are necessary to experience the aligned growth you are yearning for

This deep dive session is guided by your intuition + my intuition + source’s guidance.

You can expect:

  • Strategic Business Advising
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Deep insights and clarity on your next aligned steps 
  • To feel seen, heard and understood on YOUR unique journey and what you need
  • To leave feeling nourished, aligned, clear and ready to leap!

Duration: full day (2 hour morning session + mid day break + 2 hours afternoon session) + 2 weeks of text message support after the session to hold space for your post session ideas, insights and questions.

Investment: $1500 USD

Jennifer helps leaders & change makers who are making a big, bold impact in the world identify the limitations that they have placed upon themselves which is keeping them from expansion. She unlocks flow by helping you break free of those limitations (that don’t truly exist) and releasing you from the idea that something needs to be fixed.

Michelle Cooper

CEO of Alchemy Accounting

I think of Jenn as a child of the moon and the stars. She is such a special person. What always strikes me is her ability to make people feel safe, her depth of insight, her empathy, wisdom, and ability to think both spiritually and practically. Jenn is open, giving, and nurturing. She is a very clear communicator and a natural leader. She sees people’s potential and never fails to draw it out in them!

Rashina Gajjar

Belief Coach & Founder of Amplify Studio


Intuitive Business Advising & Leadership Support

Bring in a strategic partner to optimize the flow & growth of your business! I will be your go-to business advisor, intuitive mentor and creative partner:

  • Guiding you and your team through the next level of growth
  • Helping your business optimize and get unstuck
  • Support you in leading your business & team forward

In any moment you’ll have the support you need to get unstuck, align (or realign), and problem solve issues with your clients, your business, or your team. I’ll help you pivot to your next tipping point of growth and expansion and create more ease and flow in your business!

Having experience running my business, and those of my clients, implementing and executing strategies, ideas and projects for over 11 years now, I bring a deep intuitive knowing, and have experience managing everything from start-ups to 7-figure businesses.

I can drop in and out as needed or become an essential part of your team, offering support with your team, intuitive oversight, management, and the overall flow of your business ecosystem.

Support Details

  • Deeply supported transformation, realignment and expansion for you, your business structure, and your team.
  • Regular undivided Advising time where we dive deep into what you most need. This time with me can be used as needed (You can space it out evenly, front-load the support, or condense some support for more intensive guidance when needed) and where you need me (1:1 with you the CEO, on team meetings, with individual team members or have me pop into your business management and communication systems to overview and advise on the business flow and efficiency)
  • My most in-depth and integrated offering as an Intuitive Leader within your business
  • Dedicated availability nurturing & supporting you, the CEO, your team, and your clients
  • I oversee the flow of your business ecosystem and offer advising & coaching to the team/your clients (if needed)
  • Access to my personal network of high-level entrepreneurs that could help amplify your business and growth
  • Unlimited Voxer support for you and your team

INVESTMENT:  Prices vary depending on advising structure chosen (ex: VIP day, weekly intensives, quarterly support, ongoing support)

My Profile

My Fascination Advantage is Passion & Power
When I love and believe in what I’m involved in, I’m a powerful and passionate leader.

My Human Design is 4/6 Generator
I thrive at responding to potential and challenges in front of me and finding creative and intuitive solutions to move forward.

My Kolbe A is to Simplify, Maintain,
Innovate and Restore
I see the big picture, don’t get bogged down, find simple solutions to move forward while taking great care of what’s in front of me and enhancing my environment and what I’m working with. 


Intuitive Business Coaching

Guidance and mentorship at the tip of your fingers! The entrepreneurial journey is one of growth, learning and constant trial and error. The journey is far from being a straight line and to truly be aligned in the right direction you need to both lead with intuition AND take strategic actions.

Having a partner to guide you forward, get you unstuck, answer your questions and help you see what you sometimes can not is powerful. I will be your go-to business coach, advisor and intuitive mentor to guide you through your next level of growth and transformation and support you in leading your business forward. 

In any moment you’ll have the support you need to get unstuck, align (or realign), and problem solve issues with your business. My expertise as a business manager and implementer (someone who has executed nearly everything possible in a business) will help you feel held and supported in making important decisions and taking action. I’ll guide you in managing and growing your business and move into your next level of growth and expansion.

Having over 11 years of experience running my business, and those of my clients, implementing and executing strategies, ideas and projects I bring a deep intuitive knowing, and an expertise in managing everything from start-ups to 7-figure businesses.

Support Details

  • Deeply supported transformation, realignment and expansion for you and your business.
  • Regular coaching sessions where we dive deep into your intuitive knowing and what you most need to take the next step forward. This time with me can be used as needed (You can space it out evenly, front-load the support, or condense some support for more intensive guidance when needed)
  • Access to my personal network of high-level entrepreneurs that could help amplify your business and growth
  • Unlimited Voxer support

INVESTMENT: Prices vary depending on coaching structure chosen


The overall feeling I have about my business has changed…it feels lighter, more inflow, more empowering. She has helped me to see being in business as a creative act.

Christina McMahon

Relationship expert & transformational counselor,

The conversation we had during our Flow Facilitation session cascaded to better boundaries and has doubled my business. Jenn helped me prioritize what mattered most and now I am fully booked two months ahead!

Allison Lane

Author Strategy Coach and Editor,


Conversations on Intuitive Leadership, Right Brains Business Building & Flow Facilitation

Learn to lead with your intuition, get unstuck and master navigating your intuition to stay on your most aligned path, expand into your fullest expression and embrace the beautiful, messy life and mission that you were given.

For CEOs wanting more ease & flow for their team so the business can experience more growth, success and reach its fullest expansion. 

For businesses wanting to offer an intimate experience to their clients or community to help them master Intuitive Leadership so they can lead & live with more flow, ease and success. 

That was the most transformative group session in anything I’ve participated in. Ever!

Rachel Ross

Business Coach

This session was not only awesome: it FELT awesome. I left renewed!! So much gratitude for your flow Jennifer.

Maria De Marcos Garcia

Executive Coach

Jennifer’s work is so grounding, centering and powerful. This session was game changing.

Sam Snidal

Wellness Coach


Intuitive Deep Dive Reading

An exploration session blending intuitive coaching & card readings to QUICKLY get you aligned, unstuck and in flow!

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Investment: $379 USD

    Working with Jenn has been a truly magical experience. She has the unique ability to provide a framework based on genuine care.  It’s rare to find someone who can create space for both intuitive creation and strategic action. You are left feeling nourished and inspired. This level of complete support is priceless!

    Theresa Babylon

    Executive Virtual Assistant & Digital Business Manager, Babylon Virtual

    I call Jennifer my guardian angel because she’s always been there when my business needed it most. She lead the redesign of my site with such brio, truly listening to my needs and allowing me to put into motion the vision I had for my online presence. Jennifer has gotten me unstuck on several occasions and I have her to thank for where my business is at today.

    Geneviève Colmer

    Founder & Editor, The Red Fairy Project

    Jenn is amazing. She has worked with our organization for a couple of years now and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with her work. She really cares about our organization, and this care makes me feel like she is truly apart of our team. She helps us with everything from the planning stage all the way to follow through. She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!

    Ashley Hunt

    Director of Program Development, The Spark Initiative

    Jennifer is a true inspiration and has been a blessing to me both personally and professionally! I highly recommend her and her work if you’re seeking authenticity, clarity and success in your entrepreneurial endeavours!

    Christine Hakkola


    “Life needs you where you are at your best.”

    — Jennifer Jane Young


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    A wee bit more about me…


    • I speak English, French, and Spanish.
    • I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 12+ years, and have loved the expansive journey it has led me on.
    • Part of that journey included living in Mexico for 4 years.
    • I’m a Cancer sun, with Scorpio rising (a sensitive caregiver, who’s not afraid of diving deep into your transformation).
    • I love using with tarot and oracle cards to connect to my intuition.
    • Spending time at home, enjoying the quiet beauty of it, delights me.
    • In my spare time, you can find me with a book in hand snuggling in front of the fire with my 2 dogs, Bailey & Johnny.
    • NBC Friends fanatic, and huge fan of Outlander.
    • Spending time in nature nourishes me.
    • I used to teach yoga, and still enjoy an at-home practice.
    • I’m an anxiety survivor/have learned to thrive and channel that energy into my creative expression.



    “The actions you are not willing to take, or the decisions you are not willing to make, are the ones that will change your life!”

    — Jennifer Jane Young

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