Dive deep below the surface of what you know and into the expansive possibilities of what is really available to you.

Stop overthinking! The solutions you seek are not in your head.

If you are feeling frustrated about hitting the same wall no matter how hard you try, unclear or overwhelmed about what to do next in the management and growth of your business, you’re not alone!

As an Intuitive Business Adviser and United Nations Consultant, I have spent the last 12+ years advising startups to six and seven figure businesses worldwide to clearly define what they need in order to experience seamless growth, operations, management and leadership! Each business has a unique blueprint which is why, together, we find the most intuitive and aligned solutions and path to success.

One of the most common struggles business owners face as they grow is trying to engineer solutions from the limitations of what they know (the left brain). What is required to break past this limited potential is to access wisdom and intuitive solutions outside of your zone of awareness (the right brain). Even the most successful CEOs need someone to help them shine light in those blind spots.

I believe that what you are yearning for is a preview of what’s wanting to manifest in your life. My work is guided by intuition and anchored in practicality to help you access the solutions you need and implement them in your business. Those breakthroughs require you to embody the next level of your leadership.

This is how we do it

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I help you quickly uncover what isn’t working, what’s out of alignment and what needs to go (adios!)


I help you clarify what really needs to happen for you, as the leader and for the business to experience the flow of results you desire  (aha!)


I help you create an action plan to implement the intuitive solutions that will get you unstuck and feel confident in taking your next powerful aligned actions (vamanos!)


Unexpected breakthroughs, rewarding business opportunities, aligned & sustainable growth and deep personal transformation.

Jennifer helps leaders & change makers who are making a big, bold impact in the world identify the limitations that they have placed upon themselves which is keeping them from expansion. She unlocks flow by helping you break free of those limitations (that don’t truly exist) and releasing you from the idea that something needs to be fixed.

Michelle Cooper

CEO of Alchemy Accounting

The Intuitive Art of Making Things Happen

Download my 30 minute Masterclass + 15 minute meditation on accessing your inner wisdom and leading your life intuitively!

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Step Into Your Portal Of Transformation

What to expect when we work together


I create a supportive environment for my clients to open up and do the kind of self-inquiry and reflection that allows them to grow into their next level of leadership AND we have fun doing it, because as my favourite mentor Richard Branson so beautifully says “If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing”.

business consulting_business consultant, business coaching

Upgrade Your Business - 90 Day Transformation

For 6-7 figure business owners who want to implement sustainable change in their organization

PLAN: This journey begins with a 2 hour strategy session to bring your struggles, frustrations, concerns to the surface, define the transformation you want to achieve over 3 months and make a plan for where I need to do some focused observation.

AUDIT: Then for 30 days I dive deep into your business ecosystem and do some fine-comb observing to locate the root cause of the issues, struggles, frustrations, bottlenecks. I spend time with key team members, you the CEO and going from the macro (big vision/direction/10k view) of the business to the micro (smaller, daily activities happening on the ground) and help bridge gaps that are disabling flow.

IMPLEMENTATION: After the 30 day audit, I help you make the plan that will upgrade and elevate your business, reach the goals we defined at the beginning and spend 2 months with you and your team as a strategic Advisor helping you implement the upgrade plan in the areas of business management, team leadership and communication.

If you’re ready to experience this level of transformation, let’s start exploring possibilities on a chat. Book a call below ⤵

*Intuitive Magic Included

Business Advisor_Business Coach_Business Consultant_Jennifer Jane Young

Business Transformation Accelerator - 2 Days

For CEOs who want a quick turnaround towards clarity, solutions and action steps to take

This 2 day business accelerator is for entrepreneurs who are looking for a quick turnaround to get unstuck, find clarity and uncover clear and aligned solutions/actions that they can implement NOW to experience growth, flow and transformation.

Business is a complex journey where intuition and practicality need to dance elegantly together. These 2 days are built and customized for YOU and whatever you are needing support with right now and we spend time in the energetics and practical details of your business.


  1. Creative solutions for business growth
  2. Stepping into new areas of personal growth and development
  3. Mindset/emotional frustration, overwhelm, confusion
  4. Team leadership challenges
  5. Personal leadership development
  6. Optimizing business systems & operations

If you’re craving to step out of the day to day and access possibilities, solutions and breakthroughs that are deep within you, waiting to emerge, let’s talk about walking through that portal together. Book a call below ⤵

*Intuitive Magic Included

business consulting_business consultant, business coaching

Business Mentorship Incubator - starting with 3-6 months

For solo-preneurs with no or small teams (1-3 people) needing help to navigate business growth and decisions

This support container generally begins with 3-6 months of business coaching where you have access to me as your trusted advisor, who has done and coached other entrepreneurs for 12+ years on what you are trying to achieve at this stage of your business.

When you come into my orbit as my coaching client, you are always in my awareness and first in line to receive my insights and expertise. I’m here to offer you guidance and connect you to the knowledge and resources that will help you take strategic and practical steps forward. You get to pick my brain on all things mindset, business systems, hiring/managing team members, etc. 

Through intuitive advisory and practical support, I will lead you step-by-step in the direction that is most aligned for the path you are taking so you can take confident actions towards growth and success!

This journey will save you time on thinking, researching and trying random things and align you with the best solutions for your business!

If your are deeply craving a partner who will support and guide you and feel less lonely and confused about what to do next let’s have a chat. Book a call below ⤵

*Intuitive Magic Included

For custom offers, to book me for speaking or any other inquiries email jennifer@jenniferjaneyoung.com

Client Love

I think of Jenn as a child of the moon and the stars. She is such a special person. What always strikes me is her ability to make people feel safe, her depth of insight, her empathy, wisdom, and ability to think both spiritually and practically. Jenn is open, giving, and nurturing. She is a very clear communicator and a natural leader. She sees people’s potential and never fails to draw it out in them!

Rashina Gajjar

CEO at Amplify Creative Studio

Working with Jenn has been a truly magical experience. She has the unique ability to provide a framework based on genuine care.  It’s rare to find someone who can create space for both intuitive creation and strategic action. You are left feeling nourished and inspired. This level of complete support is priceless!

Theresa Babylon

Executive Virtual Assistant & Digital Business Manager, Babylon Virtual

Jennifer is a true inspiration and has been a blessing to me both personally and professionally! I highly recommend her and her work if you’re seeking authenticity, clarity and success in your entrepreneurial endeavours!

Christine Hakkola

CEO at Build Your Private Practice

Jenn is amazing. She has worked with our organization for a couple of years now and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with her work. She really cares about our organization, and this care makes me feel like she is truly apart of our team. She helps us with everything from the planning stage all the way to follow through. She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!

Ashley Hunt

Director of Program Development, The Spark Initiative

The conversation we had during our Flow Facilitation session cascaded to better boundaries and has doubled my business. Jenn helped me prioritize what mattered most and now I am fully booked two months ahead!

Allison Lane

Author Strategy Coach and Editor, Allison Lane Literary

Jennifer’s work is so grounding, centering and powerful. This session was game changing.

Sam Snidal

Wellness Coach

That was the most transformative group session in anything I’ve participated in. Ever!

Rachel Ross

Business Coach

This session was not only awesome: it FELT awesome. I left renewed!! So much gratitude for your flow Jennifer.

Maria De Marcos Garcia

Executive Coach

The overall feeling I have about my business has changed…it feels lighter, more inflow, more empowering. She has helped me to see being in business as a creative act.

Christina McMahon

Relationship expert & transformational counselor, christina-mcmahon.com

“The actions you are not willing to take or the decisions you are not willing to make are the ones that will change your life.”

— Jennifer Jane Young

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