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Do you ever fear waking up in five, ten, or twenty years disappointed by all the things you didn’t do because…

You were terrified to fail.
You didn’t think you were worthy of your desires.
You were worried about what others would think.
You rationalized your big, beautiful YES and then shoved it under the carpet, convincing yourself of your rediculousness.
You stayed in your comfort zone because that felt safer.

Life is too short to continue ignoring what you truly desire. Now is the time to Say Yes to Your YES!

Are you ready?

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Say Yes to Your YES Book-Jennifer Jane Young-Intuition-Intuitive Leadership

It’s time to Say Yes!

My Book, Say Yes to your YES is a journey that starts with a single word: “YES!”.

On this path lined with affirmation, encouragement and wisdom, author Jennifer Jane Young invites you to say yes to your intuition; to give yourself permission to take leaps towards the life you’ve been dreaming of, outgrowing who you have been, and honouring who you have always known you could become.

This book is for you if you are ready to step outside your comfort zone and take imperfect action, knowing that you don’t have to have it all figured out!

Leaning into intuition can come in many forms, and in this book, you are invited to use your intuition as a compass – in business and in life – to create gentle transformation, deeper alignment, and a more fulfilling life.

Once you have connected with your intuition, there is no limit to where your path can lead you.

Unlock deeper harmony, flow, and sustainable success, with your next “YES!”.

“The actions you are not willing to take or the decisions you are not willing to make are the ones that will change your life.”

jennifer jane young

Hi there!

My name is Jenn. I’m a nurturer of human potential.

I’m an Intuitive leadership advisor & mentor, author, speaker, Yogatherapist & teacher for those wild, creative, entrepreneurial souls who want to live a free and expansive life on their terms!

Duality has been the theme of my life. 

I talk tech and do intuitive readings. I’m a yoga teacher who loves to drink tequila. I teach meditation and business leadership. I love teaching about the brain and creativity. I lead my life & business with the moon and Asana. Sometimes I’m living in the middle of the country in Canada and other moments I’m living in vibrant Mexico.

I founded The School of Intuitive Leadership where I help entrepreneurs and leaders stay in the right brain lane to experience an abundance of growth and success.

My intuition has led me to nothing that makes much logical sense or normally fits together like society would prefer but it always fits perfectly for me. And your intuition is trying to do the same for you, if you are willing to let go of how you think your life should be and let your inner wisdom guide you forward.

When you own what you know is right for you, you will magnetise more of what is right for you. To do that, you need to step away from your left brain (logic & known information) a little bit more and lean into your right brain (creativity & intuition) a little bit more.


Intuitive Business_Jennifer Jane Young_Intuition

Trust me. You can’t mess this up and the most incredible opportunities will come your way when you begin leading intuitively. When I made the decision to change my title from “Business Asvisor” to “Intuitive Business Advisor” I was hired by the United Nations. Everything is possible when you start to Say yes to your intuition (your YES) and take imperfect action in that direction!


Start here!

Book a complimentary 30 minute – Get Unstuck – chat to evaluate where you can create more alignment & flow in your life/work.

Working Together

Personal & Business Leadership Transformation

Stop overthinking! The solutions you seek are not in your head.

If you are feeling frustrated about hitting the same wall no matter how hard you try, feeling unfulfilled and confused about what to do next in in your life or business, you are not alone! I am here to help you embark on a NEW kind of journey that will blow your mind right open (particularly your right brain) and create a beautiful feeling of flow.


Jennifer Jane Young-Intuitive Leadership-Intuitive Living- Intuitive Business

As an Intuitive Leader, Former United Nations Consultant & Yogatherapist, I have spent the last 13+ years guiding heart-centered, impact driven entrepreneurs, creatives and companies from startups to six to seven figure businesses worldwide to find the path of least resistance, unlimited growth and flow state. 

One of the most common struggles that I see is people trying to engineer their life and all that they desire from the limitations of what they know (the left brain). What is required to break past this limited potential is to access intuition and creative solutions outside of your comfort zone (the right brain). 

I help you shine light in those blind spots that are keeping you stuck and out of flow. Together we embark on a transformative journey to meet your inner genius and access expansive opportunities that are just waiting to flood into your life and business! 

I believe that what you are yearning for is a preview of what’s wanting to manifest in your life. Together we will bridge the gap between your yearning and making it happen. My work is guided by intuition and rooted in practicality to help you take imperfect action forward!

Are you ready to step into your next level of personal and/or business leadership?

let’s get started


Book a complimentary 30 minute – Get Unstuck – chat to evaluate where you can create more alignment & flow in your life/work.

Online Course

Personal & Business Leadership Transformation

Introduction to Intuitive Leadership Course

Start living the life you are actually yearning for, your way!

INCLUDES: A digital copy of the Say Yes to Your Yes Book.

In this course 12-week course, you will learn how to listen to, trust and take action on your intuitive guidance, how to better understand the language of your intuition and define the difference between intuitive-driven action and ego-driven action.

You will discover the ideal inner environment that is required to access the powerful wisdom that is living inside of you all the time, trying to guide you forward to what is most aligned for you and what will lead you to the most success and fulfillment.

You will leave with practical guidance on how to nurture that ideal inner environment and how to take imperfect action on what feels right inside of you and bypass the fear and limited thinking that keep us stuck in the same ruts for so long.

There are 5 modules to this course:

✨ Course Introduction
✨ What is intuition and how does it work
✨ How the nervous system and the brain impact intuition
✨ How energy impacts intuition
✨ Ego VS Intuition: How to get unstuck and access a flow state

Following the first week of course modules delivered daily to your inbox, you will continue to receive weekly Intuitive Lessons and Guided Meditations for a total of 12 weeks.

Jennifer Jane Young - Intuitive Leadership - Say Yes to Your YES Book

Start the Course

It is not often that meeting a new person affects me the way that I’ve been affected by Jennifer Jane Young and her Intuitive Leadership content. She presents it with a clear nod to science!

I am now choosing to “Say Yes to my Yes. Need that spark? Follow Jennifer and pick up a copy of her book!

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Group Experience

Personal & Business Leadership Transformation

Flow - Jennifer Jane Young - Intuition

Join a collective of passionate souls to get unstuck and align with the life your soul came here to experience! Learn to heal what is keeping you stuck and getting in the way of your growth and full potential, unlock a feeling of flow in all areas of your life and say Yes over and over again to your soul’s deepest desires.

The School of Intuitive Leadership - Jennifer Jane Young

Join a collective of incredibly supportive, creative entrepreneurs & leaders to experience more ease, flow and exponential personal and business growth. We will hold you to your highest potential so that you have the courage to follow your intuitive YES and take imperfect actions in the direction that your intuition is guiding you towards.

Personalized Experiences

Personal & Business Leadership Transformation

Choose from a few of my signature offers below or book a call so that we can customize the most transformative experience for you!

Intuitive Coaching - Intuitive Business - Intuitive Leadership - Jennifer Jane Young

3, 6 or 12 months

Transformational  coaching & mentorship experience to uplevel and transform your life & business to match your big visions and step into your next level of growth and success!

Flow Session - Jennifer Jane Young - Intuition - Leadership

90 minutes

Transformational deep dive intuitive coaching session to get unstuck, find clarity on next steps to unlock the flow, growth and limitless potential available to you!

Not sure where to start?

Book a complimentary 30 minute – Get Unstuck – chat to evaluate where you can create more alignment & flow in your life/work.

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