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Step through the portal of your next transformation!

The Intuitive Incubator is a high-touch, in-depth Coaching & Mentoring experience to help entrepreneurs, leaders & visionaries step into their next level of growth and move forward towards their visions with ease and flow.

This support container includes: 

  • A 90 minute Kick Off – Deep Dive exploration and assessment of where you are now and where you want to go in the next 3-6 months personally and professionally 
  • 2 x 90-minute intuitive coaching sessions per month
  • WhatsApp support from Monday-Friday 10am-4pm EST
  • Complimentary access to The Flow Experience during your time in the Intuitive Incubator
  • Complimentary access to my Introduction to Intuitive Leadership course

What to expect on this journey together: 

  • Deep healing of anything that is keeping you stuck and that is stuck in your body so that life can flow more easily through you and abundance can flow more easily to you
  • Uplevling of your personal leadership to make empowered decisions from your intuitive knowing
  • Re-wiring your nervous system to create new pathways to success, new supportive beliefs and upgrade your energy
  • A deeper, grounded connection in your body and more presence in your day-to-day life bringing you peace and freedom
  • Tools and strategies to continue to grow into the next expansive of version of you that is ready to be expressed in the world

Investment: $5000 USD/3 months (payment plans available)

Request an exploration call

Let’s connect and see if this journey is in alignment for you

I really believe in taking time to get to know each other so that we can see if working together feels aligned. This is a very deep, intimate journey we will be on together for at least 3 months – and most clients continue for up to a year. 

Trust, openness, readiness and commitment are very important for us to move forward.

Book a call below to tell me more about what you feel ready for right now in your life/business.

I can’t wait to hear more.


Until then, you read more about some of my client’s transformations below xo

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Client Transformation & Appreciation

It’s not often that meeting a new person affects me the way that I’ve been affected by Jennifer and her Intuitive Leadership teachings, which she presents with a clear nod to science!

I signed up for her teachings and I’m learning a lot about how I can change my decision-making to better align with who I am as a creative. I am now choosing to Say Yes to My YES!

Toddi Norum

Learning Strategy Consultant, Certified Scrum Master

Jennifer helps leaders & change makers who are making a big, bold impact in the world identify the limitations that they have placed upon themselves which is keeping them from expansion.

Michelle Cooper

CEO, Alchemy Accounting

You bring so much joy into my life. I really appreciate you.


I am grateful to have you in my life and as a mentor. I have seen a significant difference from the time we started working together. You have allowed me to unlock my dreams and achieve goals in starting my business. A lot of my anxiety has decreased as a new business owner.


Since we spoke, I’ve had an abundance of new ideas and I believe I truly found my calling. I’m thrilled to have had you spark this incredible new journey I’m beginning.


The overall feeling I have about my business has changed. It feels lighter, more in flow and empowering. You have helped me see business as a creative act.


I am still buzzing from our session earlier. I feel like I have SO much clarity now. You truly bring such a gift to this world.


Jenn is a child of the moon and the stars. What always strikes me is your ability to make people feel safe, your depth of insight, empathy and wisdom, and your ability to think both spiritually and physically. You are grounded within reality and able to give strategic advice whilst at the same time being like a shining beacon of light and guidance.


Get an Intuitive Upgrade!

Join my Intuitive Orbit and access my Intuitive Upgrade Bundle which includes:

- The difference between Intuition & Instinct Audio Lesson
- Access Your Inner Wisdom Guided Meditation

Nurturing my connections is THE most important thing I do in my work. I'd love to have you in my Intuitive Orbit to inspire you, nurture your incredible potential and support you as you lead your life and/or work intuitively.

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