Thomas Jackson - My Intuition Made Me Do It - Episode 21 - Jennifer Jane Young

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My Intuition made me try selling a movie script at sixteen

3 words come to mind when I think of Thomas Jackson. Bold. Kind. Authentic. Thomas is someone I perceive as being fully present in the moment. When he’s in front of you having a conversation he is really WITH you. 

His story is full of bravery and humbleness! It reminds us that we only have this one life to live so why not truly live it? You’ll never experience anything that you desire if you’re not willing to take the risk and try.

This episode is going to inspire you to want to do just that. Give your dreams a chance, take the leaps you are yearning for and live a little more on the edge, because THAT is where there is a beautiful view. 

Get ready for Thomas to fill your heart right up to the edge!

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