Karlyn Green - My Intuition Made Me Do It - Episode 22 - Jennifer Jane Young

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My Intuition made me burn my business to the ground

You’ve built the thing: the business, the relationship, the friendship. It’s successful but one day you wake up and it no longer feels aligned. It no longer fulfills you, brings you joy or lights you up. You know something is missing and your intuition is leading you to something else now. You are filled with guilt for wanting to abandon ship, terrified to take the step forward out of what is and into what could be. 

This is Karlyn’s story! It is filled with bravery, courage and lessons on how we can give ourselves permission to switch gears or change paths when our intuition is so clearly guiding us to do so. You will be inspired to honour the situation that no longer feels aligned for what it taught you, where it brought you and courageously step into the new experience that awaits you!

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