Following Your Intuitive Flow. 


Jennifer has recently been featured on the Casa DeConfidence Podcast talking about the challenges that lead her to freedom through entrepreneurship.


How did you get here? Take us through the process.

I would say that the journey started when I was a teenager. I was struggling in life, struggling to find my place, struggling to find fulfillment. I was also suffering from severe anxiety, like driving myself to the hospital type of anxiety. I was a very lost soul at that time and I sincerely felt like I was never going to find my place in the world. I just thought I was going to spend the rest of my life being this very lost anxious confused person. I found my freedom and my flow through entrepreneurship. Before discovering entrepreneurship I had gone to school and I had done all these different programs but no program ever fit, no job ever fit. I was always so uncomfortable and unhappy and frustrated it was like constantly living in a pair of shoes that were too small for me.


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