Jack Jendo

Episode #15: Breaking the rules to build success with Jack Jendo

Jack has personally inspired me in so many ways, particularly because he has confirmed what I deeply believe in, which is that success and impact happens when you follow your gut! He has proven that when breaking the rules (the shoulds and conventional ways of doing things) and following your own aligned path, things simply work out and you can fulfill your purpose so much easier. We dive into many great topics in this conversation from “how to find your purpose with Ikigai” to “the importance of personal leadership and creating a sense of community in your team” to “getting out of your head and taking risks on your intuitive nudges”. This conversation is for passionate, impact driven leaders who want to do great things in the world through entrepreneurship!

Jack is a social entrepreneur, digital strategist, and human rights defender who founded and managed several businesses in the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Australia. With a wide experience in digital media and business technology, Jack plans and implements digital transformation for both the private and public sectors.

Entrepreneur / Founder:

  • Founder/CEO at Beirut in / Sydney in – Digital Media Agency
  • Founder/CEO at Brain Digits LLC – Digital Transformation
  • Founder of Lynx Server – Web Hosting Solutions

Economic Empowerment:

  • United States Department of State Professional Fellow
  • Public Governance Consultant
  • Co-Founder of DigitalPreneurs
  • Founder of LEBUP Initiative

Human Rights Defender:

  • United Nations – UNCT Jordan
  • United Nations Human Rights Senior Fellow – Geneva
  • Co-Founder of Global Network of Minority Fellows
  • Co-Founder of The Assyrian Support Committee – Social Activist

“Everything is better when you share it” – Oprah

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