Trusting Your Intuition. 

Trusting-Your-Intuition_Successful-The-Podcast_Intuitive Business

Jennifer has recently been featured on Successfull: The Podcast talking about how trusting your intuition and letting it push you out of your comfort zone can guide you onto the path towards growth.


Did you know right away that you wanted to be an entrepreneur? I’m curious what moments were like “Aha!” moments. What has that entrepreneurship journey been like for you?

Yeah, I had no idea I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was suffering, I was really suffering as a teenager and a young adult. They don’t teach you that this is one of the options in school. I couldn’t fit into anything, I hated school. I was always kicked out of class. I spent most of my days in the hallway or the principal’s office or in the “hole,” this little room with no windows where they would stuff you in for the day because you were being bad.  I couldn’t keep a job for the life of me. I tried every job that exists. I studied interior design, I studied early childhood education, I tried everything really. I was feeling really scared and really discouraged and I was like what is wrong with me? I’m broken. I can’t keep a job. I hate everything in school. I’m never going to find my path. I really just felt like I’m damaged goods in this world.

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