The Power of Trusting Your Intuition. 


Jennifer has recently been featured on the Sotapanna Podcast talking about how slowing down and trusting your intuition can give you more peace and joy when making business decisions.


So you help Business Owners and Entrepreneurs get connected with their intuition. How do you go about that?

Yeah! I think that for me this began when I had my first career as a Yoga Therapist and I learned to slow down and check-in. I learned what the best state was for thriving and success and that’s obviously related to Physiology and our nervous system. I just started to go at my business in a much more intuitive way, just following that nudge in every moment. For me, it became kind of like a healing process, because I have always struggled to follow any kind of path that is pre-paved for me. I do really well when I just go with the flow of what I’m feeling, what I feel is needed in every moment. That’s essentially what I encourage my clients and my community to do. How can we get you in that state where you are gonna be at your highest potential and have access to the best guidance ever which is our intuition, our inner compass you know? there seems to be a lot more peace and joy and thriving when we are going from that place.


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