Taking Intentional Steps Forward in Your Business. 

Taking-Intentional-Steps-Forward_Jennifer-Jane-Young_Meadolark Consulting

Jennifer has recently been featured on Meadowlark Consulting’s Women to Watch Blog talking about the importance of taking one intentional step at a time when it comes to building your business.


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own business?

Start simple! Don’t try to plan out the next 10 years. Building a business happens one intentional step at a time. This is why I encourage entrepreneurs to lead their businesses (and lives) intuitively. All you need to know is your next step and that step should be guided by your inner compass – your intuition. We are so much wiser than we think. I would also say to prioritize right away building your network and setting up a cash flow management system. Healthy cash flow is important to learn about from the start, even if you have just $100 in your account. Make sure to also take time OUT of your business to meet people. I believe that your Network is your Net Worth. My entire business has grown from referral over the last decade.


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