Intuitive Leadership & Deep Flow States. 

Intuitive-Leadership-&-Deep-Flow-States_Jennifer Jane Young_Ticker News Australia

Jennifer has recently been featured on Ticker News Australia talking about how tapping into our innate Intuition through Intuitive Leadership can help us be more relaxed and confident in our work.


Can you tell us what Intuitive Leadership is exactly? What do we need to know about this?

Yeah! For me, Intuitive Leadership is really just moving forward from a state of feeling rather than thinking. We have been taught in our life to act and make decisions and move forward from a place of thinking from our brains. Whereas Intuitive Leadership for me is really tapping into what you feel inside. What feels true to you, what feels right to you and moving from that place instead. That allows you to be in a much more relaxed state than the overthinking and the brain chemistry that we’re often in when we’re moving through our lives.


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