Going Deep and Leading Intuitively with Intuitive Business Advisor Jennifer Jane Young. 


Jennifer has recently been featured on the Fempreneur True Confessions Podcast talking about how learning to slow down helped her dive deep into her experience as an entrepreneur.


You talk a lot about slowing down and going deep, what crisis or struggle brought you to this realization?


I think for me, anything I teach is something that I have experienced or struggled with in my life. its just where my inspiration comes from for what I teach and share so I really love  going through the transformation myself learning the lessons and then channeling that back out to my community. I have a very open channel intuitively. I get a bajillion ideas, a lot of intuitive guidance, and so the way I was functioning was that I had to do something with every single thing that came through immediately and I was like oh okay gonna launch the business today not tomorrow.

I guess my biggest struggle was that I was constantly reaching outwards for validation, for guidance, for support. I ended up coming across some mentors in my life that started to really help me see the power in slowing down and actually seeing that nothing was outside of me,  I had all of the answers all and of the wisdom inside of me. I have been intuitive since I was really really young, I have always had a very open channel. my struggle was going to fast, doing to much, launching to many things and not taking the time to really dive deep into the experience or taking the time to bring the project to start to finish.

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