Episode #8: Finding her flow at 10 years old with Nayra Shah

This week, I had the honour to sit down and chat with Nayra Shah, an inspirational girl who blew my mind during her opening speech at the “Empower Beyond Boundaries” conference this year. Nayra is an empowered leader who is already changing the world and who dreams of one day becoming the Secretary General at the United Nations. Having already founded a business, written two books and been involved in humanitarian efforts, I KNOW that she will make it to her dream of working for the UN. I can’t wait for you to meet this sweet, kind & powerful warrior!

Nayra is a 10 year old girl staying in western part of India in a city called Vadodara. – She is an entrepreneur, author, blogger, artist & recently during lockdown turned into a humanity warrior. – Inspired by the show Shark Tank, she launched her first business called ‘The Secret Garden’ at the age of 7 for selling her own paintings. – She became an author at an age of 8 when she published her first adventure story book, based on her experiences, called ‘Polly’s life adventures’, which is available on Amazon. – Recently during lockdown she launched a new venture called ‘Humanity Wonders’ , an initiative to teach humanity skills to kids globally. – She donates 30% of her earnings from her ventures by donating wheel chairs, educational kits, grocery to poor kids living in villages near her city. – Through all her adventures, her life mission is to spread humanity and contribute towards a more joyful and hopeful world. – Her dream is to become General Secretary of United Nations for serving the world. – She is fond of reading books, music & watching movies. – Currently, she is in the process of writing her second book on experiences of being an introvert.

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