The Flow Experience with Jennifer Jane Young (4)

When Life Flows Through You, Abundance Flows to You.

To manifest any desired experience in your life, business, or the world at large, it’s essential to begin by cultivating your inner world and strengthening your personal leadership. Your intuition holds the key to navigating the journey toward your goals!

The Experience

It’s time to create flow from the inside, out!

Experiencing flow (ease, joy, abundance, deep fulfillment) requires us to nurture all parts of ourselves – our mind, our heart, our body, our soul and our energy.

Together we will unlock an abundance of all the things you desire to experience in your life!

We will work on healing what is getting in the way of your flow, shine light on your blind spots (where there is an abundance of potential waiting for you) and help you get unstuck, where you keep hitting the same frustrations over and over again.

It’s not often that meeting a new person affects me the way that I’ve been affected by Jennifer and her Intuitive Leadership Content, which she presents with a clear nod to science!

I signed up for her teachings and I’m learning a lot about how I can change my decision-making to better align with who I am as a creative. I am now choosing to Say Yes to My YES!


Jennifer Jane Young - Flow - Intuition - Leadership

Intimate. Intentional.


Are you ready to join a community of passionate souls to…

Get unstuck & find the path of least resistance
Trust your gut and take aligned action
Say Yes over and over again to your soul’s deepest desires

Your Flow Inclusions

Flow Activation Gathering

Monthly community Flow Activation sessions to help you get unstuck and find clarity on your next aligned step so you can catch your next wave of flow and abundance in your life!

Mindfulness & Meditation

Monthly recorded Mindfulness & Meditation practices to help you connect with your body, and nurture your nervous system to cultivate physiological & energetic flow.

Flow Facilitation Audio Lessons

Monthly recorded audio lessons to dive deeper into the topics of Flow and Intuition to stay connected to your most aligned, fluid, abundant path.

Intimate Community

Connect with a close circle of elevated souls who are at a phase in their life, who are committed to living their best life, in an unlimited flow of joy and abundance!

Client Transformation & Appreciation

You bring so much joy into my life. I really appreciate you.


I am grateful to have you in my life and as a mentor. I have seen a significant difference from the time we started working together. You have allowed me to unlock my dreams and achieve goals in starting my business. A lot of my anxiety has decreased as a new business owner.


Since we spoke, I’ve had an abundance of new ideas and I believe I truly found my calling. I’m thrilled to have had you spark this incredible new journey I’m beginning.


The overall feeling I have about my business has changed. It feels lighter, more in flow and empowering. You have helped me see business as a creative act.


I am still buzzing from our session earlier. I feel like I have SO much clarity now. You truly bring such a gift to this world.


Jenn is a child of the moon and the stars. What always strikes me is your ability to make people feel safe, your depth of insight, empathy and wisdom, and your ability to think both spiritually and physically. You are grounded within reality and able to give strategic advice whilst at the same time being like a shining beacon of light and guidance.


I'm ready for more FLOW

Freedom is on the other side of fear

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