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Your Intuition is Calling. Will you say YES and answer the call?

We all have an inner compass that is guiding us all the time. Our own unique natural intelligence that sends us intuitive signals for what needs to happen now and/or next in our lives and businesses.

The problem is…

  1. We don’t get quiet enough to hear it speak to us and miss important queues
  2. When it does speak, we often don’t trust it enough to take action

When we don’t listen and trust our gut we…

  1. We settle for safety and comfort and continue dreaming of the life we really want instead of living it OR miss the opportunity to live the life that is actually calling us.
  2. We feel exhausted and discouraged from not getting the results we have worked so hard to create.
  3. We get stuck and feel frustrated from being trapped in a vicious cycle, landing in the same place, over and over again.
  4. We wake up feeling the unexpressed potential inside of us.
  5. We feel like results and abundance arrive in tiny droplets.
  6. We are not making the impact we KNOW we are capable of.
  7. We struggle financially because we keep settling for just enough instead of the infinite potential available to us.
  8. We fall into the victim spiral and drain our energy by complaining about our lack of results, success and joy.

Our most important job in life is to say YES to our YESes. 

If we get real and honest with ourselves, we KNOW what we want to say yes to but fear gets in the way of following our intuition. When we have fearful thoughts — which are created by the sympathetic nervous system trying to protect us — we go into fight or flight mode, we begin to imagine all the things that go wrong, our minds try to prove to us that our YES is not logical and way too risky and then we stay STUCK and we let our yes slip between our fingers. 

Growth happens on the other side of our comfort zone. Stepping into the leader we came here to be requires us to leap beyond what we know, safely bypass logic and take calculated risks so that we can truly live the life that is calling us inside and all that is waiting for us – success, abundance, joy, love, creativity, impact and unimaginable growth.


The actions you are not willing to take or the decisions you are not willing to make are the ones that will change your life!


When you say YES to your YES, you unlock the flow of everything that is trying to enter into your life and you are graciously accepting the gifts that the universe has been trying to give you. You are saying YES to the big, beautiful impact you came here to make. You are saying YES to becoming the best version possible of yourself. You are saying YES to living an INCREDIBLE life, instead of an ok one. You stop settling and you start living FULLY.

This is not a one and done deal. It’s a daily practice that you need to cultivate to build confidence as you witness the positive ripple effects after each time you say yes to your intuition. From what you chose to eat to who you spend time with to what kind of decisions you make. 


The pain of staying where you are is much worse than the temporary fear that comes with saying YES. 

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